Hi, I’m efisha. Thanks for checking in! It doesn’t really matter where I live, how old I am or what I like to eat for breakfast. I just make maps and occasionally other things.

Send me a letter using the contact form if you have any suggestions, want to get one of my maps in better resolution, want to request a map for your website/business, want to create something together or if you have any other questions.

My maps use borders that are currently visible on the European version of Google Maps. I do not intend to project my personal opinions on international conflicts on my maps, although I recognise that using the borders from European Google Maps is already a statement. Unfortunately, when international borders are involved, somebody is inevitably going to get upset.

I make maps because I like it. Thanks, Jakub, for the inspiration.

Keep civil, spread peace and love each other. It’s just maps on the internet.



PS. I like egg-in-a-hole and bacon for breakfast.