How to tell Baltic countries apart in GeoGuessr

The first poster in the series of my GeoGuessr guides! Some of these clues are hard to spot and get right, for instance, there are many different types of utility poles in these three countries but some are unique to each of them and these you see on the poster. Personally, I find the warning signs and street signs very useful. Look out for “g.” for gatve in Lithuania, “iela” in Latvia and often rural roads ending with “-tee” in Estonian (in Finnish, “-tie” means the same if you need to differentiate between these two).

Many thanks to u/Melongated for the inspiration when it comes to the format and the Digital Labyrinth for all the GeoGuessr tips and tricks!

One thought on “How to tell Baltic countries apart in GeoGuessr

  1. I just came across this website looking for differences between the Baltic states (to improve in geoguessr). This is a very useful resource, thanks so much for putting it together! I also liked your comparison between the US and Canada. Hope to see more from this! Keep up the great work!

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