Biathlon events history since the start of the World Cup

If you wanna find a very European sport, or to be even more precise, a very Central / Eastern European one, then search no further, biathlon got you covered. In the last 55 years, since the World Cup as we know it started, 396 biathlon events, including world cup stages, world championships and the Olympics have been held and only 29 (or 44 if you include the Russian stages that technically happened in Asia) of them were held outside of Europe. Wanna find a sport where 1 nation is above everyone else and 1 athlete is so good if he has a good day no one has a chance of beating him? Biathlon. Wanna find a sport with a great atmosphere both among the fans and the athletes? Biathlon. Wanna find a sport where things change in a matter of seconds and you know exactly at what moment it will get exciting? Biathlon. I just love it.

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